What is The Freelance Dance?

The Freelance Dance offers professional consulting services for webpreneurs. Whatever the size or subject of your site, we can help you write better blogs, build your audience, and optimize your traffic counts.

You probably arrived here expecting to learn to cha-cha or master the Tango like Gomez and Morticia. If that’s the case, you’re in the wrong place, my friend.

How The Freelance Dance Can Work with You to Scale Your Business

The Freelance Dance can handle almost anything a growing web-based business needs from coaching webpreneurs, to writing ebooks, articles, and blog posts, to running an editorial calendar and even scouting and vetting new writers!

Our services include:

Writing. Establish a voice that will engage your readers.

Functionality. Improve¬†your blog’s features and usability.

Community. Learn how to engage with and increase the size of your audience.

Optimize traffic. Track your site’s performance¬†and implement strategies to increase your page views.

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