My Sweet November: Day 29 – Become an Affiliate

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It feels a lot like the last day of school. I’ve arrived at the final lesson in Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. At this point, I’ve learned all I need to make it in this industry.

A few days ago, I made an unscheduled post, the first not directly tied to this project. In it, I talked a lot about my plans for December. Instead of posting every day, I’ll fill this time with pitching. I set a goal of sending out ten pitches daily.

The Final Lesson

Lesson 32: Affiliate Sales finishes out an entire month of working this program and blogging about it. This lesson is all about an easy way to generate some passive income, affiliate sales.

You become an affiliate (essentially, a salesperson) on behalf of a product or service. It’s an easy job.

You sign up with the company, they email you back a link to their affiliate support site, and when you log in, you’ll find links customized to reflect your information. Anytime someone purchases a product or service through by clicking on it, you’ll get credited a commission on the sale.

Diversifying Your Business Through Affiliate Programs

In a previous lesson, I talked about the different ways you can diversify your income. This is how blogs make money, through advertising. My dream is to successfully monetize my Website enough to cover my expenses.

That said, be careful! Your reputation is important, and it could be affected by someone who follows one of your links and ends up with a bad experience.

Gina recommends only signing up to represent products you know are legitimate. If you haven’t used them, and can’t stand by them, don’t represent them.

Gina’s Affiliate Program

When I first asked Gina if I could do this, she suggested that I sign up as an affiliate of her programs. Up until then, I hadn’t thought much about it. At the time, I didn’t think I’d need it.

With Gina’s program, whenever a sale is generated through your customized link, you’ll get 40% of the purchase price. Not too shabby!

I’m glad I signed up when I did. In the weeks since I did, I’ve learned more about affiliates than I ever knew. Altogether, the concept has my interest peaked. In The New Year, I’d like to try out a few items here and there in hopes of representing them as an affiliate if I can stand by the product.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Amazon’s affiliate program is definitely worth signing up for. This program pays 4-6% of the purchase price even if the customer purchases a different item from the one you linked.

This program is one of the best I’ve found because it encompasses all of Amazon’s offerings throughout their entire online store, books included!

Other Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer one way to diversify your online business. They can supplement your income and help you monetize your website or blog.

Remember, though, that your professional reputation matters. It’s extremely important to vet the products you are peddling online. Do not, under any circumstance, sign up for affiliate programs you are not familiar with or have not tried yourself. Often, people can have negative experiences with products or companies, and if they found out or purchased the product through your link, you’ll be tied to their negative experiences.


Remember to disclose your status as an affiliate anytime you use your affiliate links. Your disclosure should jive with current laws and regulations.

My Statement

As always, here’s mine (based on Gina’s).

This blog post and website may contain links to products I may represent as an affiliate. This means I may benefit financially in some way. I hope this is okay. Either way, this is my disclosure notice.

In Conclusion

Affiliate programs are an easy way to diversify your online business. They provide easy ways to monetize your website and blog. Think about products you use regularly and benefit from. Then, Google, “[Product Name] affiliate link.” That’s the easiest way to sign up for them.

You can find a list of products I’ve found useful on my resources page. Since I’m only 29 days in, my list is pretty short. With time, it’ll grow as I test out new products and assess their usefulness.

Above all, thank you for being with me all this time! It’s been a long month, but it’s gone by incredibly quickly. Tomorrow, I’ll write about how this program has benefitted me. Also, I’ll talk about ways you can get the most of it if you’ve decided to enroll. I hope my journey has put you well on your way to your own success.

Thanks for reading.

Photo Credit: Chalkboard via photopin (license)

About Cruz Santana

Cruz Santana is a cancer-fighter, professional writer, editor, and business consultant specializing in web building, content management, bookkeeping, and traffic optimization strategies. A nine-year veteran of the entrepreneurial world, she has a handle on which techniques work and which don't. She isn't afraid to step out of the box to overcome challenges. An alumni of Texas A&M University, she's well-versed in science and medicine. A voracious writer, she's been featured in The Huffington Post and The Write Life. Her VA clients benefit from her experience in content management and bookkeeping. In addition, she is the author of "Phenomenal Dad: Ten Lessons on Single Fatherhood from a Tougher-Than-Nails Single Mom," her first published book! When not developing marketing strategies that flirt with the avant-guard, she loves kicking back on the couch with her small army of seven babies to watch old movies. Hitchcock films are her favorites!
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