Kicking Butt and Taking Names: My April 2016 Income Report

KickingI almost feel like April was the month in which I grew up. I made a lot of decisions and changes to the way I run my business. I wasn’t expecting to be able to do half the things I did! It took a ton of work on my part, but I had great help, too!

I was able to produce similar income results compared to last month. And I even saw some growth!

Was it a difficult month? Absolutely! But I think I did okay, all things considered. In all of this, I haven’t wanted to give up. It’s far too amazing a ride to get off! If anything, I’ve thought long and hard about what I want from my business. I can see growth (HUGE growth!) just over the horizon. I just need to set aside the right amount of time to work on putting myself there.

Curious about what I’m talking about? Keep reading! Continue reading

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Hiring My First Subcontractor

What I Learned This Week- (1)I can’t believe I just typed those words! All at once it feels both surreal and like it’s been a long time in the making.

But this is actually happening! And I’m overjoyed by it!

What you may not realize is that most freelancers want nothing more than to grow their businesses beyond capacity. All they see is the opportunity to earn well. When we’re blinded by money and rare opportunities we become blinded to the client’s needs (remember, the one who gave you the overflow to begin with?). Continue reading

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Huge Coaching Giveaway!!

Huge Coaching Giveaway - The Freelance Dance

So far, I’ve been pretty good about keeping the Huge Coaching Giveaway under wraps. But today is the day I get to spill the beans!!

I’m thrilled to be offering coaching services as part of my diversified business portfolio. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. It’s fun raised to the 2nd power – SUPER fun!

I remember exactly where I started. And I would’ve given anything for someone to hold my hand down the dark and twisty unknown path before my feet. I needed it then. But I couldn’t afford it.

In case you’re curious, here’s my story. Continue reading

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How Coaching Services Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Coaching Services Can Help You Grow Your BusinessWhen I think of how far I’ve come on this journey, I wonder how much further I’d be if I’d hired a coach to help me create a path to follow.

The sad truth is that I didn’t. And it’s been absolutely hard to get this far. Not that I’m not super grateful to be here. I am. I’m grateful for every moment that I have in this life! But… Do you often wonder where you’d be if your business could or would be doing more given a guided path to follow?

The honest answer?

It would.

It’s just the way it works. Taking guided advice from someone who’s walked the same path you’re on will save you time and help you meet your goals more quickly than if you were doing it by yourself. Continue reading

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What I Learned This Week: Launching New Products Is Hard but Absolutely Worth It!

What I Learned This Week-

What a week it’s been!

I started off ready for my next frontier. Goal in mind, and drive in heart, I hit it hard to try and figure out the best way to launch my newest offering, Coaching Services. I can’t believe how much I underestimated every part of the process.

But it’s done. And I’m glad.

While I’m excited about the potential for growing my business by further diversifying it, I’m most excited about the thought of actually helping others. I remember how hard it was for me and how much work it took for me just to launch this site! I did it, though. And honestly, I don’t regret a minute of it!

My Challenges

Where should I start? Continue reading

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Now Offering Coaching Services to Savvy Webpreneurs Who Want to Take Their Businesses to the Next Level

CoachingLast December (2015), one Ariel Rule (such a brilliant and sweet lady) and Gina Horkey put their heads together. They joined forces (Game of Thrones theme song plays) and merged empires for the greater good!

Dramatic? Maybe. But what they did, what they built, is the reason I’m writing this right now.

Have I peaked your attention?

Good. Continue reading

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Kicking Butt and Taking Names: My March 2016 Income Report

Untitled design (1)Chugging right along! March was a great month. A lot happened that I couldn’t believe. First off, My ebook Phenomenal Dad: Ten Lessons on Single Fatherhood from a Tougher-Than-Nails Single Mom hit the online world with great success! Click on the link to grab your copy today!

Secondly, I’ve been hard at work on a second book all about how divorced people can improve their lives post-divorce in hopes of achieving the ultimate revenge, living well! It’s called Revenge Divorce. It’ll be ready for publishing soon.

Then, I’ve been working on helping my VA client get her course revamped. It’s exciting to be a part of something so significant. At the end of it, students will actually receive a Certificate of Completion! Look for that soon, too!

Now, on to what you came here to read, my income report! Continue reading

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How I Scored My Contributorship for The Huffington Post

How I Scored My Contriburotship to The Huffington PostThose of you who know me well know that I’ve been chasing after this contributorship for a long, long time. It’s taken me forever to get here, but I’m glad to be here.

Now that it’s live, I get asked all the time about how I did it. What was my secret? What did I say, and to whom did I say it?

You’re about to find out.

How I Did It

First of all, I should begin by giving you a bit of backstory. Continue reading

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What I Learned This Week from Working as a VA: The Worst and the Best Can Happen to You In the Same Week

Working as a VA 2

It’s a ridiculous notion, a paradox. But I swear to you that it’s 100% true. When you have you own online business, life continues to move on around you. There’s no clear way to compartmentalize your job.

My Week

It began like any other week. Except it didn’t because I’ve never lost my grandfather before.

Swamped with work I love doing, I didn’t hear my cell ringing. The message came through on Facebook. My uncle sent it. My grandfather, who as a child I had affectionately nicknamed The Leprechaun for his notorious greed and petite stature, was on life support after suffering a stroke following three hellish years of dementia.

I’ve been here before. I lost my father-in-law on December 20, 2009, to similar circumstances. Like with my grandpa, I was stuck watching him die after pulling the plug.

Phenomenal Dad: The Book Release

The week ended on a high. Strange, right?

My first ever published book launched today. Its full title is Phenomenal Dad: Ten Lessons on Single Fatherhood from a Tougher-Than-Nails Single MomContinue reading

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What I Learned This Week from Working as a VA: Treat Your Own Business Like It’s Your Client

treat your own business like it's your clientI can’t yet call myself a seasoned pro at the virtual assisting game. But I decided to borrow an idea from someone else and give it a try.

Every week I’ll bring you an insight into the lesson I learned in my profession. I hope each of these will offer you some perspective and help you to conquer your struggles in building your online business.

But First, Some Background…

You already know that I took Gina Horkey’s course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. But what you don’t know is that I also completed her course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success in January 2016.

The course is packed with great information. And if you spring for the Rockstar Package, you get access to helpful videos and other neat stuff. I did. And that’s where this idea came from. Continue reading

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