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Hiring My First Subcontractor

Overflow isn’t healthy for any business. Not only do important tasks get shoved to the always-trusty backburner, but your client will eventually lose faith in you. That chance you got was probably your only one. In this industry, just like in any other, what your client needs, wants and expects from you is paramount!

If you’re ever in this position and have hyperextended your time and availability, consider hiring someone to help you lift some of the load – a virtual assistant, if you will. Continue reading

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Living Fearful: How I Fell Down In Life and Got Back Up Again

It’s been way too long since I’ve had a great contribution from a terrific writer! To fix that, I’ve asked Diona Culbertson of Mommy Ways to Win and Write Now Matters to join us on The Freelance Dance.  She’s here … Continue reading

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