New to Freelancing?


If you’re new to the world of writing for the web and want help getting started, hire me to set you up with all you need!

I know you’re busy and might need help from trusted experts in blogging. I’m here to help you get started and up and running ASAP.

Social Media Setup Package

This package includes:

  • Pinterest page and sample board setup
  • Facebook fan page setup
  • Google account setup
  • Twitter profile setup
  • LinkedIn complete setup

I charge $25 to get all of this started and offer same day delivery at no additional charge.

Social Media Maintenance Package

Once you’re set up with your social media accounts, you’ll need to post to them regularly and answer queries regularly. We can do that for you. We offer:

  • Daily updates $150
  • Weekly updates $80
  • Monthly updates $60

We work with you to tailor all postings to your liking. Our plans all bill monthly via credit card for your convenience.

WordPress Setup Package – Want a free website?

Don’t know WordPress? Many don’t. I didn’t at one time.

Take advantage of my experience, and let me set it all up for you. I’ll contact you to gather some details about your business. Then, I’ll get started on a rough draft.

Prices vary, and are based specifically on the amount of work you’d like me to do. The website itself is free.

WordPress Maintenance Package

Need help with postings? Hire me to set them up for you.

I can either prepare them and leave them as drafts for you to finalize or can finalize content for you. The choice is yours.

Prices are negotiable depending on volume, but I generally charge 25 cents per word for each post.

All Inclusive Package

Get the works! This package includes:

  • Social Media Setup and Maintenance
  • WordPress Setup and Maintenance
  • Regular Gmail Maintenance
  • Virtual Assistance Service  – Never miss an email again!

This package guarantees you peace of mind that you’ll never miss a posting or forget to answer a potential client’s message. As always, we’ll contact you and assure your wishes are being executed.

Prices on this package also vary, so contact me with as much information as possible to get the best quote out there!

Ready to get started? Contact me now.

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