Virtual Assistance

Overwhelmed by all you didn’t get done today?

Let me handle the hoopla, giving you the freedom and time to grow your business and even reap some long overdue rewards for a change!

Hi, I’m Cruz Santana – a millennial mama to seven precious kiddos.

And I’d love to help you save time, decrease stress and take your web-based business to the next level.

Sound good?

Here are a few ways I can do just that:

1. Content Production

As a professional writer and blogger, I’d love to help you with any stage of the content production process. I can handle it all (and in the backend of WordPress too) from generating new blog post ideas, to editing your work or writing posts and content magnets from scratch.

2. Editing and Content Management

Every webpreneur needs to have a content manager or editor they can trust to run their sites. With nine years of experience, I’d love to help you do just that. Whether it’s creating or maintaining an editorial calendar, scouting out new, talented writers, or simply editing final drafts to give your article the polish they need, I got it!

3. Traffic Monitoring and Content Syndication

Over the years, I’ve come to develop a crafty way of trying out strategies. It’s paid off! I have an arsenal of tools I rely on to help my clients achieve their traffic goals. Content syndication is a great way to do that. I can pimp out your posts all over the World Wide Web, thus helping you borrow someone else’s audience to build your own.

4. Accounting and Bookkeeping Support

Are you starting to stress out over April 15th? Are you behind on updating expenses? Well, fear no more! As a business owner, I, too, go through the same stresses every year. I’m well aware of what you’ll need to get ready for your CPA. I’ll even work as a liaison with he or she so you can get back to doing what you love most – growing your business.

5. Customer Happiness

Don’t hire an outside customer service department. Let me help you offer an arm in the direction of customer happiness to your clients instead! I’m here to maintain or increase your clients’ level of satisfaction. I help them see the benefits of personal, customer service. It’s a special touch that lets them know you have their backs.

5. Email Management

Consider me the email gatekeeper for your web-based business. I will sort, file, archive and respond to email on your behalf. This will save you time, stress and emotional energy, so you can do what you do best – create!

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Cruz Santana is a professional writer and online business marketing consultant. A published author, her first book, Phenomenal Dad: Ten Lessons on Single Fatherhood from a Tougher-Than-Nails Single Mom, is out now on Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Books Store, and on Kobo. Cruz enjoys sharing what she’s learned while building her online business and helping other freelancers gear up to quit their day jobs and take their side hustles full-time.

Rate: Starts at $35/hr.